As adults we can stand up to threats in almost every aspect of our life starting from our workplaces, on roads with drivers hotheads, places of entertainment to stabbing... Now more than ever we need to know to fight and protect ourselves and our loved ones if necessary. Know how to avoid violent situations through proper assessment of the situation and how to resolve it peacefully, but in case it can not be resolved peacefully then how to neutralize any adversary quickly, decisively, and with force.

The Krav Maga-I.C.F training program gives you the answer !!!

The training program of our adults includes:
  • Learning how to avoid violent situations
  • Study hitting various hands and feet (fists, elbows, knees, kicks, headers, etc.)
  • Study vulnerabilities and how to beat them
  • Free fights (standing, ground dedicated Street)
  • Work with cold weapons (knife, cane, cane, etc.), and weapons (pistol, shotgun, etc.)
  • Work with multiple attackers
Besides the improvement in physical (fitness, and fighting ability) goes on the training of the level of self-confidence, coping with stress thanks to simulations and exercises special pressure this method.

You can also receive tutoring, training and courses for companies aged 10-20 sessions.
For more details and to join: 053-5255256
Israel Amran