No need to go far to understand the dangers to our children today, little interest in current events enough to understand that there are many threats to our sons and daughters began threatening pedophilia, bullies at school, and unnecessary acts of violence and dangerous. As parents, we provide our children important skills and willing to help them identify and avoid violent situations and dangerous can happen at any time whether it be at school, on the way back from home or the neighborhood playground... Moreover, it is our duty to provide children with the skills and knowledge to protect themselves if needed.

This is where the Krav Maga-I.C.F and our unique training program:

The first age group children (tiny through C)
This program focuses on strengthening the child physically (reinforcing shoulders, arms, legs, stomach, etc.) exercises tailored for children, improved coordination, spatial orientation, movements, beaten hands, feet, chokes, perceptions and embrace the various battles (with protection full supervision of certified Instructor), as well as strengthening the physical we focus also on raising the child's confidence and sense of self and his realization that his body is his castle and his right to protect himself from strangers and he can do so by using the material and recruiting the help of its benefits are an effect of surprise, agility and about and ".

The second age group (children Wed-Fri)
This program goes a step and require more children besides continuing to improve what the child has learned in the age group first method of Krav Maga-I.C.F added here other elements such as an emphasis on understanding the exercise and implementation of accurate and sharper, learning the weak points of the body and damage to correct them, fights standing, fighting land designated street work with different weapons (knife, stick, etc.) simulation exercises and pressure that simulate real situations on the street, such as various attacks and tried kidnapping. even rising education level when students are expected to be more serious and more responsible.

Of course, those in younger age groups we combine games and also coaching the transfer form is a special training to make interest on the part of children and play with a sense of achievement of success. More emphasis we put all age groups is the education of the child to develop and create a human /warrior who is confident and his abilities, good for others, and strong both physically and mentally...

The Krav Maga-I.C.F principles that given to children are:
"human dignity and life as a supreme value" - I will respect every person, regardless of religion, gender or race will respect the beliefs and views the right to life.

"family honor" - I will honor my parents and my brothers and sisters will try to create a bond of love, trust, and friendship between family members.

"respect for teachers" - I will respect the following ones to teach me, Murray and guides school system teach them everything I can to strengthen my body and soul self.

"honorary members" - I will honor my friends and I will learn to appreciate the human being, rejoice and weep with him, be willing to help, lend a hand, listen and create a good relationship.

"respect myself" - I would not use violence and foul language, I will open my body and soul, I believe in myself and my abilities to overcome any obstacle will practice with determination and seriousness to reach the highest level of ability.

For more details and to join: 053-5255256
Israel Amran