History and Origins

Krav Maga is a free battle, all kinds of punching, kicking, strangling and various abortion possible and aim is neutralizing the opponent in the shortest time, in order to simulate as much as possible situation that could happen on the Street ". Unlike martial arts competition (or as another in their fighting of an arena in which there is usually a limit on damage to the opponent in the groin, face, neck and knees combat, due to its purpose, is not subject to these restrictions and therefore not characterized by competition or representation Olympic (making competition Krav Maga without these restrictions could cause serious injuries and even death among the opponents).

The method was developed for military purposes and is used for self-defense. Is the first adopted by the Israel Defense Forces, is now famous all over the world and has been adopted by other countries combat forces.

Source method lies a man named Emmerich "Imi" Lichtenfeld R.I.P. "Imi" Lichtenfeld, was born in 1910 in Hungary and grew up in Bratislava, the Slovak capital. The father of my mother, Samuel Lichtenfeld was a circus performer in his past and senior detective. He was also the owner of the gym modern first in Bratislava where he practiced wrestling, boxing and weightlifting. When he was young Samuel boxer excellent and so encouraged my mother to participate in a variety of athletic activities including gymnastics, wrestling and boxing. As a young man, won the horrors of the number of championships sporting events and has gained outstanding achievements in boxing and wrestling. Between 1929 1939 My mother was one of Europe's most successful wrestlers.

At times violent attacks against Jews were a regular occurrence in their streets of many Eastern European cities. Imi and other young Jews participated in many fights with anti-Semitic population of Bratislava in order to protect the Jewish community from attacks by the individual and to prevent pogroms in the Jewish Quarter. These experiences led eventually help to formulate a Krav Maga.

After immigrating to Israel head of the Haganah ", Yitzhak Sadeh, my mother immediately recruited as an instructor of hand to hand combat because of his famous fighting skills. In 1944, Imi began training military units, special physical training, which included swimming, wrestling practice, and use a knife and self-defense techniques against attack with a knife. Between 1942-1948, Imi supervised training, special units of the "protection" of the Palmach, Palyam and police forces. This practice is called Kapap - hand to hand combat.

In 1948 when the State of Israel was established. First prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, tore the unofficial units and established the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Imi began his military service in 1948 and served there for 15 years. He began to build a combat system based on the principles learned professions rich past boxing, wrestling, gymnastics and military exercises. He called this new method: "Krav Maga". Chief coach military Krav Maga, my mother was given the opportunity to test their own knowledge and experience with the knowledge and experience of its students, and my mother was able to expand the Krav Maga by using the principles of attack and defense the most effective.

From 1948 until 1963, Imi developed and refined his own methods of self-defense and hand to hand combat while training Israeli soldiers in these techniques. During this period he personally trained the best fighters of the IDF's elite units. In 1963, when my mother left the army, he was in the process of changing the system to it could be used by citizens.

When he died on 8 January 1998, many mourned the Grandmaster Imi light as a hero of Israel, and praise him as one of the most important figures in the modern world of martial arts.