Krav Maga-I.C.F

Krav Maga-I.C.F battle system is considered as next generation of fighting techniques and self-defense in Israel and in the World and was founded by Israel Amran to give people real tools to combat and self-defense, both for civilian purposes and for military purposes. Krav Maga-I.C.F built so you can use anything as a weapon legs began beating and kicking knee variety, through the hands and elbows beaten to headers and bites when you have...

This is one method of training units should have a minimum and maximum workability back in real time as it believes two important principles :

  • "natural movement and shortest movement is also right and best" - Eimi Sde Or R.I.P
  • "Minimum movement against maximum offense" - Eli Avikzar R.I.P

Krav Maga-I.C.F provide an answer to how to act in dangerous situations that can happen anywhere - street, restaurant, bar, club, work, etc.

We are the only ones in the country who use the equipment and the most advanced teaching methods that have proven themselves to bring students to a high level and a real self-defense. The protective equipment like knife REDMAN™ the SHOCKNIFE™ patented methods like training simulations that the student is not aware of how and when attacked and actually tested in real time on actions during the attack.

Over the years we have worked with many people at branches exist in Israel and abroad as well as with security companies and law enforcement in various special units in the country and abroad as well as with schools across the country (normative children and those with various disabilities) and our reputation and professional knowledge.