Women I.C.F

Women have always been the weaker sex (and beautiful) and due to this perception are subject to violent attacks by "men" who want to fulfill what he needed, whether it's moments (rape) or is persistent (abuse). Long enough space to cover cases in which a woman because of her determination and unwillingness to become victim managed to overcome the attacker and smuggle it, there's no reason a woman should be scared to go home, get out of the driveway or place some nightspot, there is no such thing as the woman is the one guilty of attacking her it never right!!!

Today you can make a change in perception, your confidence and your actual ability to protect yourself and get quality training Sihtb the body and bring you to the point where the healthier safer and stronger...

If it sounds right then your place is with us in Krav Maga-I.C.F !!!

Special training program of the Krav Maga-I.C.F gives therefore a solution...

Our women's training program are designed in such a way you learned:
  • How to avoid dangerous situations.
  • How to behave correctly in case you encounter a dangerous situation.
  • How to protect yourself against any kind of attack (strangling, and embrace the different concepts (also on the ground), defenses against threats and attacks using weapons of cold and hot, protection against blows arms and legs).
  • How to beat an opponent even though he is bigger and stronger than you by damaging vulnerabilities.
  • You'll also learn a variety of attacks (punches, elbows, knees, kicks, bites, etc.) all of which will help you save yourself.

The program is built so you'll also get a great workout and fun, alongside improving your ability to defend itself! You can also get private lessons, workshops and courses for companies aged 10-20 sessions.
For more details and to join: 053-5255256
Israel Amran