The youth segment of the population is at a greatest risk every day. School, neighborhoods, places of entertainment and wherever possible, it is no secret that the state of the education system in our country is not among the best in the world and the youth became more violent every year, when new editions hear the boys who murdered because of a cigarette or a melee developed simply touching the shoulder of the shoulder while walking in the mall we understand that the situation improves we must learn to protect ourselves against any opponent in any situation, even girls are at higher risk whether an attack by a stranger or by selling under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Street Fighting you say? Exactly! Street has no judge and no rules!

We would never encourage a student to be drawn into a fight but rather try to solve it peacefully, but when the situation requires the student to defend himself, we are making sure that he knows exactly what to do!

The Krav Maga-I.C.F training program will teach you to:
  • How to avoid violent situations
  • Study hitting various hands and feet (fists, elbows, knees, kicks, headers, etc.)
  • Study vulnerabilities and how to beat them
  • Hands protection against blows, kicks, hugs strangling and concepts.
  • Free full contact fights (standing, land dedicated to the street)
  • Work with cold weapons (knife, cane, cane, etc.), and weapons (pistol, shotgun, etc.)
  • Work with multiple attackers

We are working with the most advanced equipment in the world to bring you the highest level of combat and high fitness level. The training program is for everyone, regardless of his fitness. While training you will feel your fitness improves and more importantly how you are improving your abilities...
For more details and to join: 053-5255256
Israel Amran